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If you are looking for a course for your workers or supervisor to complete without leaving the work site or office, try one of our online courses. As we develop courses we will post them on here. Options are also available for participant manuals to help reinforce what you learn.

Courses include:

  • Worker Health & Safety Awareness
  • Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment
  • Driver General Safety & Compliance

Copy and paste the following link or click the button to the right to take you to the landing page to register.

Sooley's Safety Services

Online Courses & Safety Supplies

Our online store is where you can find templates for policies, procedures and forms. You will also find participant manuals for a variety of courses as well as safety management systems to track all of your important safety statistics. We have an investigator's toolkit that will be great for your health and safety representative or committee or the supervisor who needs to conduct investigations into accidents. We are working on a provider for reflective safety vests, safety shoes, caps, goggles and eye wear and additional items that many workplaces require to keep their workers safe. Click on the blue button to go to the site directly to check out every items we have available. 

Whether you are looking for a course to take online as you do not have the time to register for a full day training or looking for some supplies to help keep your workers safe, at Sooley's Safety Services we have a variety of different options available to you and we are creating and developing more and more with each passing day. Have a look through our selections of courses whether you want to take a course through our online portal or purchase course participant manuals to complete for your staff members and receive them either electronically or through the mail.  If you are not in the market for any courses but you are looking for items such as an investigation toolkit for your workplace health and safety representative, committee or supervisor or items such as form templates, policy and procedure templates or management systems to manage your health and safety program, check out our store by pressing the link button. Payment is available through PayPal for the courses and major credit cards are accepted as well for the store and courses. 

Online Courses

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