Sooley's Safety Services Mission and Values Statement is as follows:

To provide businesses with government required training and health and safety services to ensure they can concentrate on building and growing their business.  

To become a One-Stop Health and Safety Solution for my clients.

I will review the legislation and applicable regulations on a regular basis and provide you with the required information to help you stay compliant.

To go above and beyond the Law and Regulations to ensure that all bases are covered with compliance requirements.

To ensure that my actions and recommendations are strictly to comply with the law and regulations.

To provide honest, reliable service to clients and work with clients on a long term basis.

​How We Do It

​Training is available for the general public to help increase the likelihood of getting a job. I am currently serving the GTA, Hamilton/Niagara and Halton regions with a training facility available in Milton, ON, however I will also come to your facility if you need that. Evenings and weekends are available for training and consulting

Sooley’s Safety Services will help you become compliant, while you concentrate on making money. And because you work hard for your money, I will work with you to not break your bottom line.  Having a program in place can save you thousands of dollars a year in fines, lost time for workers and insurance premiums. Call or email me today, you will have the information available that can allow you to focus on your business just to start.

I will start with getting to know your business and your needs, so that the solutions that I will provide will be tailored to your company, not the industry as a whole.  It may be something as simple as providing training for your warehouse staff and forklift operators, or it could be much more in depth such as an audit of your current program or creating an entire training program for your warehouse workers, drivers and supervisory personnel.  Regardless, you will be satisfied with my services provided.

Contact me for pricing.  Training starts at $100.00 + hst per person dependant upon the program at our facility.  Training at your site is available as well. 

Consulting rates are based upon client's needs and start at $100.00 per hour + hst.

Rates can and will be tailored to different situations to ensure your compliance does not break your bank account. 


Sooley's Safety Services

About Me

I started this company to offer training services to small businesses specifically who require Health and Safety related training.  When I finished my degree with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Brock University in 2007, I immediately jumped into the lumber industry, purchasing and inventory control while participating on the Joint Health and Safety Committee.  This was my first taste of Health and Safety, and I found that ensuring workers arrived home safe and sound was a passion that I could sink my teeth in.

After a few years of attempting to find my niche, I found my current position in the Transportation Industry as a Safety and Compliance Coordinator.  I have started with a simple Health and Safety policy and have built up an entire Health and Safety program, becoming an in-house trainer for our warehouse, drivers and office staff in the process.  I have continued to hold the same idea up to this day with my Health and Safety program, in that the goal is to get everyone home safely to their families.  

I will continue to grow my knowledge base and evolve with the changing legislation and will pass my knowledge on to my clients.  They are the most important aspect of any business, and their success is your success.

I am currently a Train-The-Trainer for Counterbalance Forklift, Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks and Motorized Pallet Trucks, I am a certified member of my company's Joint Health and Safety Committee and I have continued to increase my knowledge base with a WHMIS train-the-trainer and obtaining an Adult Education Certificate.  I am a researcher, finding the answers to many of my questions through using the information available to all of us and will use this process to find the answers for my clients.

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Mission and Values Statement

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